You’re in College Now…So What’s Next?

You’re in college now…so what’s next?  You’ve been in school for a while.  Adjusting to your new environment has had its challenges, but so far, so good.

You do have a few concerns. College Student

For one, you’re discovering that everybody was right.  College is no way like high school.

Two, making new friends is not as easy as you thought it might be.

You’ve already noticed cliques beginning to form and you have not necessarily been invited to join.  And, you haven’t bonded with your roommate(s) yet…could be some issues there also.

Three, creating your own class schedule is great!

However, you’re still trying to figure out how you’re going to be productive with so much free time on your hands.

Academic Advice…

Academic AdviceYou haven’t seen your academic adviser since orientation/registration.   And you’re either not quite sure about your intended major or still trying to figure out what your major should be.

Some of your classes are a breeze, while others have you a little on edge.  You may need to get a tutor and/or check out the Campus Writing Center.

Your writing and research skills are not where they should be.

The general education course requirements are driving you nuts…why do you even have to take them in the first place?

Moreover, your class syllabi are just loaded with all kinds of deadlines, group projects, exams, and research papers.

And the cost of books is just ridiculous!

Not to mention if you have a job on or off campus.  Trying to coordinate class time, work time, study time, and play time is becoming a very stressful exercise.

Options for Success

Right now you have 2 options:

One – if you find yourself in any of the above situations or even on the periphery of any of them, then you may want to check out our eBook,  College Success Diet: The Insider’s Guide to Educational and Career Success.

This particular eBook is not designed for you to sit down and read from cover to cover.  Quite the contrary!

It’s a reference guide, loaded with tips and strategies so when you run into a college or career problem, then it can give you some options to formulate your best solutions.

And two – download a copy of our FREE College Success Lab App.

College Success LabThis unique app provides you with Librarian Approved information resources to get started on your academic research journey.

Whether you’re writing a research paper, working on a group project or studying for an exam, you’ll find many of the information resources listed invaluable.

Did you know that Google only accesses about 7% of all the information available on the World Wide Web, i.e. the Internet!

Thus, the College Success Lab App can save you hours and hours of needless online searching for academically qualified research sources.

And don’t forget to build those collaborative relationships with your campus reference librarians and academic advisors.

Best Kept Secrets on College and University Campuses – Reference Librarians and Academic Advisors!

Campus Reference Librarians are excellent sources of not only academic information but college studentscampus support to you as well!

And always check in with your academic advisor on a regular basis.  Give them an update on your adjustment to your new environment.

Academic advisors are also a great source of useful and beneficial information, particularly when you have issues, concerns, and academic challenges!

You, no doubt, contracted “information overload” when you attended your campus’ orientation session.  That experience must be a complete “blur” by now in terms of information shared.

So make sure to ask them again about various campus options and opportunities that are available to you.

And remember, now is the time to begin building your academic and professional network, so Network, Network, Network!

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