First Generation College Students’ Success Strategies

First Generation College Students – Want to graduate in 4 years?

Doing so maybe one of the biggest life challenges you’ll face in the semesters ahead.   To graduate in 4 yrs requires knowing the rules of the “graduation game.”

It also requires seeking the best academic advice available on and off campus.  

Think in terms of a sports team.  Usually, there’s the coach, team captain, and teammates.  You’re the team captain. Now you need to Searching for Good Information find the coach – your academic adviser – and your “trusted” teammates i.e. faculty, other classmates, and student services staff.

The name of the game is to meet regularly with your coach (academic adviser).   Get the best advice possible from your “coach” and “teammates”.

You’ll always have choices and options to consider and they will help you make the best selections for you.

Generally, you’ll find out that everybody does it a little differently.

What’s important is to seek advice from those you trust and respect.

Talk to folks who have gone to college as well as those who have not. Listen carefully to their pearls of wisdom.  Then decide.

And ask direct questions!

What’s important to understand is that there are multiple ways to earn a college degree!

Once you have gathered that information, analyze it.

Think about how you can incorporate aspects of that advice into your own college and career game plan.

Most importantly, be flexible. Be ready to make adjustments. Adapting to change will be a lifelong experience.

And, in most instances, change is always inevitable.

So, First Generation College Students – Listen Up!


First, we’ve discovered a series of excellent short videos, produced by US News/Higher Education, that will help you formulate your own college success strategy.

As you watch each video below, focus!  Take notes!  

And then critically think about how the issues discussed directly apply to you. 

Secondly, download our FREE app, College Success Lab.

Did you know that Google only accesses about 7% of all information available on the Internet?

The College Success Lab app will come in handy as you get acclimated to performing academic work.

College Success LabIt provides direct informational links to Librarian Approved resources you’re gonna need to write quality research papers and prepare for mid-terms and final exams.

In addition, you’ll find these resources very helpful to you with learning complex academic information!

As a college student, you’ll quickly discover that Google and Wikipedia can no longer only be your primary go-to information resources!

And thirdly, think about adding the College Success Diet: The Insider’s Guide to Educational and Career Success to your personal library.

It guides you through many unanticipated challenges you’ll face as you get adjusted to your new college environment.College Success Diet

Also, share it with family and friends.

And if you’re living on campus, definitely, bring it with you!


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First Generation College Student Success Sneak Peek Videos 

Listen very carefully to these short videos.  They address common questions relating to new college experiences.  

Discuss them with advisers, friends, and family.  Then create your own plan for college and career success!

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