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Welcome!  We designed our blog, Daily Mélange, specifically to share with today’s college student insider tips and strategies to help you achieve your college and career goals.

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Have you read your college student handbook from cover to cover yet?

Okay, you can stop laughing now…have you, at least, looked at it?

More importantly, do you understand how it can help you, as an individual, address your academic challenges?

I know…it’s like reading hieroglyphics…it’s a language and a culture unto itself.

Also, if you’re new to the higher education environment, most likely you don’t have a clue about what many of the policies and practices mean to your success as a college student and future career professional.

We’re here to give you the inside scoop!

So, let us know what you think and how can we help you specifically.

We may not know all the answers, but we certainly can help you find the most suitable options, determine the best choices, and possibly direct you to some great opportunities.

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Welcome to Our Blog, Daily Mélange

Writing College Research Papers

Writing College Research Papers

  Dr. Lana W. Jackman Academic/Career Adviser Emeritus  College students often cringe at the thought of writing a college research paper. That's because writing a 20-page college research paper, for most, is a very stressful, anxiety-inducing experience! Perhaps,...

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College Textbooks – Freebies Available?

College Textbooks – Freebies Available?

Need to buy some college textbooks this semester? As a matter of fact, buying college textbooks today is a major financial and academic challenge for many new and continuing students. Finally, help is on the way! There's a movement afoot, blossoming on college...

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A Personal Story – College Success

A Personal Story – College Success

A personal story often highlights the benefits of working smarter in college while working harder. First of All... would you agree that earning a college degree is a major life accomplishment? Having a B.A. degree can improve the overall quality of your life. However,...

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Academic Advisor – Optional or Essential?

Academic Advisor – Optional or Essential?

College Students - Heads Up... Your Academic Advisor...optional or essential?  An asset on your college and career success team or a potential liability? Unlike high school, where you can wait forever to see your guidance counselor, a campus academic advisor is an...

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Back 2 School…Academic Options…Reality Bites!

Back 2 School…Academic Options…Reality Bites!

   Back 2 School...Academic Options...Reality Bites! Back in class...considering your academic options? Been going to class and finding your coursework a wee bit more difficult than what you had anticipated? Maybe you need to think about revisiting your academic plan...

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Improve Your Networking Skills

Improve Your Networking Skills

Why is Networking so Important? First of all, networking is an art as well as a skill.  To network means to promote the sharing of information as well as getting information. However, many people think that networking is primarily about getting contacts for personal...

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Fake News' Worst Nightmare - Information Literacy

America, there is an anecdote to fake news – Information literacy practice!

Information literacy practice forms the basis of academic and workplace skills needed to thrive in today’s whirlwind digital society. 

It is common to all disciplines including blue /white collar occupations and professions. 

Information literacy practice enables learners and workers to master content and extend their analytical skills, become more self-directed and independent, and assume more strategic control over their own learning.

An information literate individual is able to:

  • Identify and access the information needed to address a given problem or issue
  • Find the needed information, evaluate it and its associated resources
  • Organize and use the information effectively to address the problem or issue at hand.
  • Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the ethical and legal use of information

And who are the very best practitioners of information literacy?

Your campus or public reference librarian.  

Get to know them…you won’t regret it!

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