College Success Lab – What is it and why does it matter?

First of all, most people who go to college want to be successful…correct?

Moreover, in the real world, success depends on having certain skills and talents that exposure to a college education can provide.

Yet, what going to college often fails to do is to highlight those skills while you’re pursuing your undergraduate degree.

Skills, skills, skills…

For example, most colleges and universities expect you to have certain baseline English and math skills once you enter.

However, a recent study reported that 96% of the 911 campuses surveyed had students needing remedial coursework.

Also, a great deal of entry-level “remedial” coursework falls within the realm of math and English language skills. And what does that actually mean for the student needing remedial coursework and currently enrolled in a college or university?


Stress, stress, stress, and more stress!

College Success Lab

The College Success Lab App

Having academic challenges?  Feeling overwhelmed and underprepared?  Searching Google and Wikipedia just seem to make things worse! Then, perhaps, you need the College Success Lab App to help guide you through the academic demands of collegiate life. As a matter of fact, the College Success Lab App was designed specifically to support college students having academic, research, and remediation challenges.

One of the keys to academic success is knowing how to find and use academic discipline resources in research paper writing, group projects, and midterm/final exam preparation.


And most students are unfamiliar with the vast array of resources available in an academic library.

In light of the above, the College Success Lab App offers students resources and methods to support their efforts with succeeding in an academic college environment.

The best-kept secret to success in higher education…it’s all about having access to academic choices, options, and opportunities.

Knowing how to find them is key.


The College Success Lab App gets you started by:

  1. Laying down a roadmap for any student to build an academic skills success toolkit.
  2. Motivating you to think like a librarian when it comes to doing research either for exams, a research paper, and/or a group project.
  3. Providing tips and strategies to tackle the most challenging of academic assignments.

Also included in the College Success Lab App are listings of validated information resources, useful for beginning any research paper or project. New College Success Lab App information resources are updated quarterly.

educational appSooooooo

Get your copy of our free College Success Lab App.  


You can download it from Apple iTunes or the Google Play store!


No time like the present to begin thinking smarter…then work harder!


College Success Lab Recommended Smart Information Resources:

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