College Success Diet: The Insider's Guide to Educational and Career Success Kindle Edition

College Success Diet : Insider's Guide to Educational and Career Success

The College Success Diet gives you unique insider tips and strategies to achieve your college and career goals.  Using smart tools to do so makes the journey all the more sweeter!

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The College Success Diet: The Insider’s Guide to Educational and Career Success *NACADA Review

Review by: Kyle Bures
Teaching & Learning Center Coordinator
Neosho County Community College

A brand new student steps foot onto a college campus. Four years later, that same student journeys across the stage at graduation to collect their diploma. Although ideal, and a reality for some, the unfortunate truth is that many college students, especially those identified as first-generation, encounter a number of obstacles along the way which may result in attrition or delayed graduation. Fortunately, many of these same obstacles could easily be avoided with a little help from friends…more

*NACADA, National Academic Advising Association

Top 5 Strategies to Achieve College and Career Success

The top 5 strategies that will enhance students’ ability to make smart and wise choices as they move through their educational and career experiences are:

  1. Who’s on My Team?
  2. Do I Really Have to Study?
  3. Money Smarts
  4. Technology, Digital Devices, Social Media, and Information
  5. “Do What You Got to Do, So You Can Do What You Want to Do!”

Just think about it for a moment.  Is the anxiety of pursuing your educational and career dreams weighing heavily on your mind these days? Looking for ways to reduce your stress levels?

Then investigating the College Success Diet: The Insider’s Guide to Educational and Career Success may, in fact, provide an avenue to reduce your anxiety and give you the insight you need to achieve your educational and career goals.

Dr. Lana W. Jackman, and her son, Philip S. Jackman are on a serious mission.  Both have experienced various levels of anxiety in pursuing their own college and career goals.

And, as a result, they really want to share the insider information they learned with college students, adult learners, and job seekers  so that learners can take advantage of insider tips and “engineer their own pathways to educational and career success.”

Integrating these 5 strategies within your own, individual skills toolkit will give you the required blueprint you’ll need to mastermind your future educational and career choices, options, and opportunities!


College Success Diet: The Insider's Guide to College and Career Success