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At Mélange College and Career Readiness Services (MyCCR), our primary objective is to assist learners in achieving educational and career success. We provide personalized “insider tips and strategies” to college students, adult learners, and job seekers on how to maximize their choices, options, and opportunities while pursuing their individual educational and career goals.

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We all want to achieve some level of success in our personal, academic, and professional lives.  We designed our blog, Daily Mélange, to help you do just that.  We regularly highlight a broad range of educational and career related issues to stimulate your thinking and your goal planning.

Let us know how we can help you specifically with your educational and/or career challenges!

Academic Advisors – Should They Know Financial Aid Basics?

Academic advisors on college and university campuses across the nation need to know basic financial aid information. Moreover, financial aid is, perhaps, one of the most problematic and complex student service areas impacting student success today. And, academic and...
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Academic Advisor – Optional or Essential?

College Students - Heads Up... Your Academic Advisor...optional or essential?  An asset on your college and career success team or a potential liability? Unlike high school, where you can wait forever to see your guidance counselor, a campus academic advisor is an...
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Back 2 School…Academic Options…Reality Bites!

   Back 2 School...Academic Options...Reality Bites! Back in class...considering your academic options? Been going to class and finding your coursework a wee bit more difficult than what you had anticipated? Maybe you need to think about revisiting your academic...
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Networking, Ready for Your Next Chapter…

You either know what you want to do with your life or you’re still trying to figure that out. Who is on your networking list? Have you honestly evaluated your skill set?

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Improve Your Networking Skills

Why is Networking so Important? First of all, networking is an art as well as a skill.  To network means to promote the sharing of information as well as getting information. However, many people think that networking is primarily about getting contacts for personal...
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E.T. – Call Home…That Means You!

New College Students need to call home regularly.

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An Internship Experience

Internships are incredibly invaluable in helping you gain professional work experience and ultimately get hired in a career of your choice. While working as an intern, you may encounter a variety of work experiences, so you should have a flexible mindset and attitude.

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You’re in College Now…So What’s Next?

You're in college now...so what's next?  You've been in school for a while.  Adjusting to your new environment has had its challenges, but so far, so good. You do have a few concerns.  For one, you're discovering that everybody was right.  College is no way like high...
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Financial Aid Myths – 7 You Need to Know

Believing financial aid myths instead of finding out the facts is a  major set-up for missing out on educational opportunities! Anyone can "apply",  using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) . HOWEVER, only U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens can...
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First Generation College Students’ Success Strategies

First Generation College Students - Want to graduate in 4 years? Doing so maybe one of the biggest life challenges you'll face in the semesters ahead.   To graduate in 4 yrs requires knowing the rules of the "graduation game." It also requires seeking the best...
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College Students: Do You Have a Bad Credit Score or Do You Even Know Yours?

A U.S. News & World Report 2017 Consumer Bad Credit Guide: You’re in college now.  You’re supposed to be an adult…and everyone is expecting you to act accordingly. “Open” access to the Bank of Mom and Dad does have its limitations. Perhaps you are your own ATM...
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Adult Learners: Ready to Begin College 101?

Adult Learners: Are You College 101 Ready?   Soon you'll begin a new chapter in your life.  Are you really ready for College 101?  As ready as anyone about to embark on a new journey, right? You are excited, but also a bit nervous.  It's been a while since you've...
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College Graduation – Insider Trading in Higher Education?

Using the term "insider trading' is a bit of a stretch to describe accessing advantages and opportunities in the world of higher education. Yet, on certain levels, it does ring true. While those in the know benefit, the general public struggles to understand the...
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College Success – A Personal Story

First of All... why did we create the College Success Lab app?   Well, would you say that earning a college degree is a major life accomplishment?   Having a B.A. degree can improve the overall quality of your life.   However, pursuing one can be a very...
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Are You Ready to Master Information Literacy?

We’re in the Information Age and information rules! Not knowing how to access the “right” information can definitely put you at a disadvantage, whether at home, school, or work. So what do you do?

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