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Mélange College and Career Readiness Services assists learners in achieving educational and career success. Using “insider tips and strategies”, we advise college students, adult learners, and job seekers on how to maximize their choices, options, and opportunities while pursuing their individual educational and career goals.

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E.T. – Call Home…That Means You!

New College Students need to call home regularly.

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New A.P.A. College Research Writing Resources

College Success Tip – Learn the resources available to you if you have to write a college research paper using the APA Style Manual.

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Truth Telling in Presidential Politics

Truth Telling in America This presidential political election season is highly unusual, particularly when it comes to the issue of truth telling.  As a matter of fact, in many ways, it is historic. Trying to nail down the “truth” in the camps of the presidential...
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Reaping the Benefits from New Student Orientation

College Students – Check out this list of benefits you get from attending New Student Orientation!

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College Success Strategy – Are You Planning Yours?

New College Students – Just because you’re quick at finding information on your cell phone, desktop, iPad, or tablet does not necessarily mean that you’re also a whiz at finding the “right” information when you really need it.

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Trump’s Big Introduction to All of America

Takeaways from the Republican National Convention’s Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech.

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Daily Mélange

Reading Daily Mélange regularly shows you how information literacy truly impacts your everyday life. Engaging an information literacy skill set dramatically increases your changes for personal, academic, and professional success.


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Learn the Fundamentals

Information literacy is the mental energy that propels you into areas of academic and professional success. Having that type of mindset leads you to making optimal choices, selecting the best options, and pursuing worthwhile opportunities.

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Why is information literacy so important today? Just look at your news and social media. It takes skills to interpret fact from fiction which they don’t necessarily teach in schools, colleges/universities, or the workplace.


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The Fundamentals of Information Literacy

Information Literacy

Cultivating an information literacy mindset while in college can propel you into areas of academic achievement and professional success that you never thought possible.

Learning Styles

Everybody learns differently, and most people don’t even know that there are different ways to learn. “Knowing your learning style can actually enhance your chances for success in college and in your future career.”


The art of networking is about relationship building with a variety of acquaintances, trusted friends, and family members whose opinions you value and who value you as an evolving career professional.

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Becoming a member of Mélange College and Career Readiness Services gives you access not only to insider tips and strategies on how to succeed in college, but also in the workplace as well.



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