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We Help You To Maximize Your College And Career Choices, Options, And Opportunities.


Our Mission

At Mélange College and Career Readiness Services (MyCCR), our primary objective is to assist learners in achieving educational and career success. We provide personalized “insider tips and strategies” to college students, adult learners, and job seekers on how to maximize their choices, options, and opportunities while pursuing their individual educational and career goals.

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Are You Ready to Master Information Literacy?

We’re in the Information Age and information rules! Not knowing how to access the “right” information can definitely put you at a disadvantage, whether at home, school, or work. So what do you do?

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America, Is Your Information Crap Detector on Pause? You know that fake news is all the rage today.  Evidently, so is the term "alternative facts".  Both will be around for some time to come. Yet, fake news is not a new phenomenon. Nor is alternative facts.  ...
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Learning Styles – Do You Know Yours?

Learning Styles - Do You Know Yours? Your Learning Style - Knowing how you learn best is your very first step in mapping out a college and career success strategy. In general, most people are unaware that their learning style can impact the quality of their success....
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Fake Social Media News Sites and Posts

Fake social media news sites and posts are proliferating like bunny rabbits.  Many are disseminating distorted information and misinformation daily all over the internet…So news consumers beware!  Over 2.7 million blog posts are published every day and 1 billion...
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Are Americans Intellectually Lazy?

  Are Americans intellectually lazy?  Given the overall results of the recent presidential election, it appears so. Just Who Did Vote? As of today, because of our electoral system of voting, votes are still being counted. Specific voter profiles will be...
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Truth Telling in American Presidential Politics

This presidential election season is highly unusual, particularly when it comes to the issue of truth telling.  As a matter of fact, in many ways, it is historic as well as horrific! Trying to nail down the “truth” in the camps of the presidential candidates requires...
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Online Learning, Benefits, and Challenges

The terms online and e-learning (distance education) are used synonymously to describe Internet supported instructional environments offering a wide range of academic and professional development programming.

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Academic Advisers – Know Financial Aid Basics?

Academic advisers on college and university campuses across the nation need to know basic financial aid information.  Financial aid is, perhaps, one of the most problematic and complex student service areas impacting student success today. And, academic advisers need...
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Information Literacy: Common Denominator for National Success or Failure

Information is power. In a world dictated by the rapidly evolving universe of information and communication technologies, it is ironic that information literacy is often overlooked and/or undervalued as a key 21st century skill.

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7 Student Financial Aid Myths You Need To Know

Financial aid myths prevent many potentially eligible financial aid students from actually applying for Federal student financial aid. Using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) provides access to multiple student financial aid opportunities....
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Daily Mélange

We all want to achieve some level of success in our personal, academic, and professional lives.  We designed our blog, Daily Mélange, to help you do just that.  We regularly highlight a broad range of educational and career related issues to stimulate your thinking and your goal planning.

Let us know how we can help you specifically with your educational and/or career challenges!

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Learn the Fundamentals

Practicing information literacy on a daily basis gives you a distinct competitive edge in the classroom and/or the workplace Using information literacy techniques is actually your personal gateway to finding the best information you’ll need for school and work.

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Why is information literacy so important today? Some days, are you feeling like your drowning in information? Just take a look at your news outlets and social media. We’re living in an information saturated environment. Interpreting fact from fiction on a daily basis requires more than a crystal ball.  Most learners do not learn information literacy skills per se in schools, colleges/universities, or even in the workplace. So, developing your own information literacy mindset can lead you to making optimal choices, selecting the best options, and pursuing worthwhile opportunities.

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Skills Every College Student Needs…in school and in the workplace!

Information Literacy

Fake news is everywhere these days.  "Alternative facts" loom large over our present reality.  That being the case, do you really know how to tell the difference?

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Learning Styles

Knowing what type of learner you are can strengthen your ability to perform more effectively in the classroom as well as the workplace.

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Making worthwhile connections with a variety of individuals whose opinions you value is essential to your success.

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