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Mélange College and Career Readiness Services’ primary objective is to assist learners in achieving educational and career success. We provide personalized “insider tips and strategies” to college students, adult learners, and job seekers on how to maximize their choices, options, and opportunities while pursuing their individual educational and career goals.

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Ready to Master Information Literacy?

We’re in the Information Age and information rules! Not knowing how to access the “right” information can definitely put you at a disadvantage, whether at home, school, or work. So what do you do?

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Hacking Your Way into College and Career Success

New College Students Just because you’re quick at finding information on your cell phone, iPad, or tablet does not necessarily mean that you’re also a whiz at finding the “right” information when you really need it.

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College Shopping – Smart Strategies to Use!

Ready to Go College Shopping? Are you a junior or senior in high school thinking about going college shopping?  Feeling a little stressed about the best way to start your college search explorations? First of all, before you get too stressed, here are a few...
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Financial Aid Recipients…Time for a Check-Up!

Financial Aid Check List Financial Aid Recipients, Listen Up!  Now that classes have begun, you need to take some time, before the end of the semester, to revisit your financial aid award package commitment.   In addition, the checklist below gives you some great...
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As An Average Today Show Viewer, I wonder…

In a recent interview on the Today Show, Bill O’Reilly promoted his latest historical novel, Killing the Rising Sun: How America Vanquished World War II Japan. He made remarks that I found quite unsettling so I decided to do some checking… During O’...
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Student Academic Options

Labor Day is over.  Now, it’s really Back 2 School! Thinking about student academic options?  Been going to class and finding your coursework a wee bit more difficult than what you had anticipated. Maybe you need to think about revisiting your academic plan?...
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Daily Mélange

Reading Daily Mélange regularly shows you how practicing information literacy truly impacts your everyday life. Developing an information literacy mindset dramatically increases your chances for academic, personal, and professional success.

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Learn the Fundamentals

Practicing information literacy on a daily basis gives you a distinct competitive edge in the classroom and/or the workplace Using information literacy techniques is actually your personal gateway to finding the best information you’ll need for school and work.

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Why is information literacy so important today? Some days, are you feeling like your drowning in information? Just take a look at your news outlets and social media. We’re living in an information saturated environment. Interpreting fact from fiction on a daily basis requires more than a crystal ball.  Most learners do not learn information literacy skills per se in schools, colleges/universities, or even in the workplace. So, developing your own information literacy mindset can lead you to making optimal choices, selecting the best options, and pursuing worthwhile opportunities.

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The Fundamentals of Information Literacy

Information Literacy

Cultivating an information literacy mindset while in college can propel you into areas of academic achievement and professional success that you never thought possible.

Learning Styles

Everybody learns differently, and most people don’t even know that there are different ways to learn. “Knowing your learning style can actually enhance your chances for success in college and in your future career.”


The art of networking is about relationship building with a variety of acquaintances, trusted friends, and family members whose opinions you value and who value you as an evolving career professional.

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